Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011 Trends - Colour Blocking (Picture Heavy)

The colour blocking trend has been around before. It's usually present on runways by the time spring/summer gets around. Right now colour blocking seems to have taken 2011 by storm. If I had to define what colour blocking is, it would be loud colour combinations that make a dynamic look. I'm not sure how many Jamaicans are really into international fashion trends. And if they were it would be very subtle because half the time I think people are too scared to dress how they want to anyway. Let's just get down to explaining how to wear colour blocking confidently!
  1. Correct Colour Combinations are KEY
  2. Go Bright!
  3. Invest in a Pair of Coloured Jeans
  4. Mix Fabrics
  5. Colour Block Without the Clash
  6. Tone It Down With White
  7. Pop With Your Accessories
  8. Mix Bright With Light
  9. Wear Brightly Coloured Stripes
  10. Keep It 'Suit'able for Work

First lesson of colour blocking is not to clash but to compliment. Complimentary colours work very well together such as orange and blue. But it's also nice to pair colours that are only shades off like red-voilet (or a fancy name like pink) and purple.

Go Bright! Don't be half-assed with pastels even though pastels are a good way to start. Once you've built up the confidence to colour block with ease then go all out. Find the brightest brights from neon green to shocking pink. Try it with your make-up too!

Invest in a pair of coloured jeans. Never sacrifice your comfort. Jeans stay as one of the most comfortable articles of clothing in anyone's closet. You don't have to give it up to be in on this trend. Kinda reminds you of a jerk video doesn't it? Don't worry. You're gonna take tacky and make it classy.

Mix fabrics. Don't go all denim or all cotton. Mix it all up! Try something silky with something matte. Don't let the colours do all the talking but the textures as well.

If you aren't brave enough to make colours clash then why not go for one solid colour? Play it cool with an outfit that has the same colour of different hues. One solid dress or maybe a dark blue blazer with even darker blue pants and a lighter blue shirt. You get the idea.

Tone it down with white. When you think the colour is just too much throw a white shirt into that outfit. Or maybe keep the pants white and everything else in colour. Just do what fits you best.

Pop with your accessories. You can already add the colourful accessories to an already colourful outfit. Or if you feel like going with the monotone dress, nude shoes and minimalist jewelery and make-up then fling in a brightly coloured purse!

Mix bright with light by focusing the colour in one area of your outfit. Play it down with nude or light shoes.

Maybe solid colour blocking isn't for you. Don't feel like this trend completely overlooked your style. Stripe it out!

Keep it suitable for work simply by updating your regular work outfits with colour. If you have a navy blue suit, put it aside and get yourself one in cobalt blue. Follow any rule above that applies to you and your day at work will be just as fashionable and fun as any other day. Have fun colour blocking!

Peace, Love & Blaze,