Saturday, April 2, 2011

Do It Yourself – Make Your Own Headbands

This is going to be extremely simple for those who have no amount of artistic skills. You will need:

*pretty cloth
*synthetic flowers
*plain headbands (thick & skinny & elastic)
*garden wire
*sparkly jewels
*strong glue
*sharp scissors
*pretty cord/thick strings
*pretty feathers (good luck with that)
*needle & thread

1. Make a scarf headband

Use a thick plain headband for this one. Cut a long strip of pretty fabric that will fit over the top of the headband and leave some excess to glue to the underside of it. Apply glue to the headband and carefully place down the fabric bending the edges under the headband and gluing them there also. After the fabric has dried (hopefully with no air bubbles) it should look like a neater version of a scarf to tie around your head. Just put it on and knot the fabric at the bottom so you complete the Bohemian look. *Thick plain headband, pretty cloth, glue, scissors*

2. Make a floral headband

If you're less of the gypsy type and more of the wispy fairy type then this one applies to you. There are many types of floral headbands that you can make. Let's try a simple one and a more complicated one. 

Get a thin or thick plain headband (whichever appeals to your taste). Do not apply the glue to the headband but rather to the bottom of your synthetic flower. That way you can continue contemplating where to place the flower without adding glue to the headband itself. Make sure that the flower is flat enough to glue down easily. If it isn't then what you could do is remove all the petals carefully and glue them to the headband individually basically forming
the flower yourself. 

To make it pop a little, place some gems in the centre of the flower. The same process would apply to making a bow headband and a feather headband. And remember, it's your custom made headband so you can use any size flower, bow or feather you like. You can also use as many flowers as you like too. The single floral/bow look can also be applied to an elastic headband which would probably need fastening with needle & thread to help hold it better. 
*Thick/Skinny/Elastic headband, synthetic flower/bow/feather, glue, scissors optional, needle & thread optional*

Now for the more difficult floral headband. Use either garden wire (harder) or an elastic headband (much easier). The elastic headband can already fit your head so this step only applies to you if using the garden wire. Fit it around your head with plenty left over to snip off later. Bend the wire into a crown shape because this look will rest on your head like a crown. Applying the flowers to the wire is the tricky part. Using super strong glue, one by one attach each flower to the wire. Glue down some petals just to make sure everything stays sturdy. 

Do not apply the flowers all the way to the back of the crown. Stop at the points that hit your ears so that way if you ever feel the need to adjust the wire then you can. Applying the flowers to the elastic headband is just about the same process except you may want to additionally sew the flowers down just to make sure they are fastened properly. In the end it should look like a floral summer time crown. Use scissors (or if you have garden clipper/wire cutter use that) to cut off excess wire and wrap the remainder so the back of it looks neat and won't stick you in your head. *garden wire, elastic headband, scissors, glue, synthetic flowers, needle & thread optional*

3. Make a braided headband

This is the easiest one! It takes no glue which means no mess! Cut your pretty string to a length that fits your head leaving excess. Try to use two/three different types of string because you're going to plait/braid them together. Make a knot at one end and braid from that end to the next. Knot the other end once you're done to hold the braid into place. That's it! Tie the headband around your head in any way you please to make the style that is perfect for you. *scissors, pretty cord*

If you truly can't envision any of this, here is a three minute video done by Seventeen Magazine just explaining some simpler steps to making your own headbands minus the glue. Have fun with this DIY!

Peace, Love & Blaze,