Saturday, April 9, 2011

Do It Yourself – Spice Up A Plain T-Shirt

The architectural hard edges 80's shoulder pad look came back some time in 2009/2010. Think Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Now that it's 2011 fashion has softened a bit. Let's not discard this look entirely but how about we take a simple element and use it to spice up a t-shirt. Try the shoulder pads without the padding. You will need:
  • fabric glue (optional)
  • scissors
  • jewels (optional)
  • fabric 
  • feathers (optional)
  • nice t-shirt/blouse

If you would like to add jewels or feathers to your shirt then start by cutting out a piece of fabric in a square, oval or triangular shape to fit over the section of your shirt that rests on your shoulders. It would be nice if the fabric is the same colour but of a different material. For example, silk on cotton. Sew that material onto the shirt then use the fabric glue to add the jewels to your desire. Design the layout to your liking. For the feathers, start by applying the base of the feathers to the center of the fabric and fan them out as you go along. Try to use a similar colour to you shirt or go for a clash to really spice it up. 

If you don't want to glue anything you could just use fabric. Sew on a piece of fabric that completely stands out from your t-shirt. For example, if you have a black shirt try adding a red and black plaid piece of fabric. Keep it interesting. Use thread that is close to the colour of the piece of fabric you have chosen so that it looks neat. That is a simple way to spice up a t-shirt to make it look elegant and not so casual. Pair that with a tiered necklace, a pair of jeans, heels and a lot of bracelets and it's a great outfit. Try to stay away from drop earrings though. You don't want those clashing with the designs on your shoulders. It's really easy to do. Try it!

Peace, Love and Blaze,