Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To Clean Eyeglasses

To properly clean your glasses you will need:
  1. A mild soap like dish washing liquid
  2. A cotton cloth or chamois 
  3. Warm water
There are two methods to go about cleaning the glasses without using a glasses cleaning solution from the store. The rinse method and the dunk method. First rinse the glasses with warm water to remove any dirt particles that may later cause scratching. Find the soap you need which should not include any ammonia if your glasses happen to be coated with anything. Ammonia based soaps require more washing because it can leave a film on the lenses. Ensure that your cotton cloth is lint free and do not use tissue as it is a wood based product. Even though you cannot see wood particles in tissue, it is hard enough to scratch glasses lenses over time. Let's begin.

The Rinse Method

"Rinse the lenses under warm running waterWash them carefully with a mild soap (like dish soap) and warm water. If necessary, use a wet cotton or soft cloth to clean. Wipe the soap off with a circular motion as you rinse the glasses under warm water.Dry the glasses gently with a soft cotton towel or chamois. If they are truly clean, almost all the water will rinse off and you will only need to dry the frames. Brush any grime off the nose pads with a soft toothbrush, but be careful not to accidentally graze the lenses."

The Dunk Method

"Fill a sink with warm water and suds from a mild dish soap or similarDunk the glasses in the sudsy water. Swish them around. Rinse the glasses under the tap. Let the running tap water wash off the washing up liquid. Rotate the glasses so the water can get to both sides of the lenses with the same strength. Place a damp cloth over one of the lenses. Fold the cloth so that it's on both sides of the lens at once. Place your thumb over the half of the cloth that's on the inside part of the lens and your index and middle finger over the half on the outside. Move your fingers/thumb from left to right like you're asking somebody for money. Apply mild force to your fingers like you're clicking them in slow motion. Repeat with the other lense. Rinse the glasses again under the tapShake the glasses slightly to get excess water off. Before using the dry side of the cloth to dry. Make sure you dry the glasses with the cloth in a similar way to cleaning them with the damp side. Only this time move your fingers in an alternating circular motion instead of from side to side. Use another cotton bud to dry the bits that are hard to reach. Put your glasses back on after inspecting for any more stubborn spots or bits of washing up liquid left behind. If there is still something left behind, repeat the process."

Two easy and safe ways to clean your glasses. Test it out.

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