Thursday, April 7, 2011

Keep Your Gadgets Clean

You may wonder what your gadgets have to do with beauty. It has a lot to do with it. We are plastered to our cell phones as if we were born with them. We use our computers for everything. Our video game controllers never get a rest; and, our digital cameras have never missed it's Kodak moment. We touch these things all the time and in the instances of our cameras and cell phones, we put them to our faces. The dirt that is on your cell phone is guaranteed to help facial acne along. Let's keep clean by learning how to take care of our gadgets.

Cell Phones

Our mobile phones may be sensitive but they're tough enough to get a proper cleaning. You can be a little rough on them because cell phones, iPods and other media players are designed to be pocketed. They also store dirt and grime in really small spaces so it takes more effort to clean. Simply use a slightly damp cloth or paper towel to remove fingerprints or residue your shirt or jeans won't. Yes, we all clean our stuff with our clothes thinking it will help but it doesn't.
Use wooden toothpicks and old toothbrushes help reach into cracks and crevices, like between the keyboard buttons or running along the perimeter of the display panels. Do not use the toothpicks on your mic. Some phones have little mic/speaker grills on some phones. The toothpick will push the dirt in rather than pull it out. In that instance, lay a strip of scotch tape over the afflicted area, run your finger over it a few times, and pull it off. If that doesn't work well enough, substitute scotch for duct tape. Be careful as to how much you press down since applying too much pressure can leave adhesive on your device which will be much harder to wipe off.

Have you ever opened your laptop and seen fingerprints all over the screen? That is one of the biggest problems with laptops - keeping the screens clean. There are many ways to go about this inclusive of going to a computer store and buying a cleaner manufactured specifically for that purpose. Or you could use a cloth dampened with water and a little liquid soap to wipe down the screen. Go over it a second with a damp towel with just water to remove any soap residue.
If you do not know how to pull your laptop apart then do not attempt to remove the keys on the keyboard. Instead, use a damp cloth with a 40/60 alcohol/water mixture, turn off the laptop, and run it across the keys. Fold the cloth and use the edge to reach between the keys. You can use this same cloth to clean the rest of your laptop as well including the touch pad but not the screen. Turn the laptop sideways and blow into the spaces between the keys for any left over stuff.
There is more to a laptop to be cleaned such as the fan. As I said before, do not open your laptop if you do not know how to reassemble it. If you want a full cleaning then take it to an expert who will pull it apart and clean everything that can and can't be seen. 
Game Controllers

I wonder who is rolling their eyes right now. Girls play games and a lot...maybe too much for some people. So we have to learn how to clean our controllers too. The same rules apply to the controller as it does for the laptop: a damp cloth with some water. However, (and this is really funny and interesting) instead of using regular alcohol and water — a 40/60 beer and water split works. You know? To help disinfect the buttons and remove buildups between buttons. Again, use wooden toothpicks for reaching into cracks but nothing harder.
Digital Camera

I can't quite speak on every aspect of the camera but I'm going to give a general overview of cleaning the body and the lens. Cleaning your camera body is like cleaning almost any other gadget. The same damp cloth method will apply. Be careful, just you would with your other gadgets, with water seeping into places it shouldn't. You could buy a cleaning kit for the camera lens however, if you can't afford that then just buy a microfiber cloth. With that said, use the cloth to wipe the lens very carefully. Professional photographers have said that prevent scratching the length you should try to blow out any kind of dirt from the lens before attempting to wipe it. 
Let's take care of our things, not only to keep our skin beautiful, but just because our gadgets should be clean and cared for. I hope these tips are helpful.
Peace, Love & Blaze,