Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Powers of Petroleum Jelly

There are many uses for petroleum jelly and today I'm going to highlight a few of them. Vaseline is probably lying around your house with not much use except for keeping your lips moisturized. Let's get into some beauty related uses for it.

  1. It can be used as a very effective eye make-up remover. If you do not have make-up remover you will realize that water does not always take off your make-up in one go especially since so many brands make them waterproof now. Simply dab some Vaseline unto a cotton swab/ball and wipe it over your lids to easily remove eye-shadow and mascara. Remember to wash your face afterwards.
  2. Some people have testified that rubbing some petroleum jelly on their lids and on their lashes at night before bed have made their eyelashes grow thicker and longer. This highly depends on the person.
  3. You can make your own lip balm! Simple steps include taking an old lip balm container and mixing in a colour of powdered eyeshadow you like with the Vaseline. Set it in the freezer overnight and in the morning you've made your own coloured lip balm.
  4. As I said before, use Vaseline as a moisturizer for your lips and limbs. Sleeping with Vaseline on your feet, hands and elbows can yield soft results in the morning.
  5. It can also be used as a lid primer. Rub some on your eyelids and it will hold the eye-shadow in place.
  6. Use it to tidy up unruly eyebrows.
  7. It is useful as either a base or a substitute for mascara.
  8. Dab some Vaseline on the spots you usually spray your perfume on before you spray for a longer lasting smell.
  9. This is kind of funny but it's also another important use. Petroleum jelly helps remove chewing gum from hair. So if you're ever in that sticky situation, you know what to do.
  10. Since it acts as a make-up remover I think this is only logical. Vaseline helps to remove make-up stains from clothing.

These are 10 things you can use Vaseline for to help you save time and money. It helps your beauty process along significantly. Invest in a large bottle of Vaseline or if you just want to test these things out then start with a small tub of it. Have fun!

Peace, Love & Blaze,