Sunday, April 3, 2011

Take A Basic Outfit From Day To Night

Firstly, let's look at what basics are. Your fashion basics are articles of clothing that form the core/foundation of your wardrobe such as: a white button up blouse; a black t-shirt/blouse; a plain tank/spaghetti strapped top; jeans; khakis; and, a "little black dress" to name a few. These are called basics because an overall look is easily built around them. Say for example, your basic outfit for the day consists of skinny jeans and a black off-the-shoulder blouse, then glamming it up for the night is an easy task!

1. Make use of your accessories

There are many ways to experiment with accessories. Add a floral headband to your hair and make it pop with colour to contrast against your very simple outfit. If you don't have one this will teach you how to make your own headbands. Add a chunky or tiered necklace to bring attention to your top. Or add a slim belt to give some definition to your shape. Switch out your big day time bag for a lady purse, something nice and classic that doesn't make you look you're carrying the entire world with you.

2. Makeup is KEY!

A simple transition from day time to night time can occur in a change of makeup. If you are already wearing makeup then go wild! Make everything heavier and add more sparkle. Mimic the night lights. Or if you like, you can simplify the makeup and make one signature statement with a brightly coloured lip. Make them gravitate towards your smile :)

3. Keep it fierce with shoes...

Kick off those sneakers or flip flops. If you already had on a small platform just be brave and go higher! Put on shoes that will knock them dead. Nothing really compliments a basic outfit more than the shoes you put with them. Go for a sexy black if you want to play it safe but go for colour or animal prints if you want to prove you're up for crazy fun.

Just don't overload on anything. Choose a focus, whether it be your hair accessories, your shoes or your bag. Before you know it, your basic outfit will have heads turning without you breaking a sweat.

Peace, Love & Blaze,