Thursday, May 5, 2011

Organizing Your Vanity Table

I don't have a vanity table but I'm sure some of you do. Does it look like it has passed through hurricane Gilbert and Katrina? Survived a tsunami or an explosion? If your stuff is everywhere and nothing is in the place it should be, getting ready will take twice as long. To ensure efficiency and keeping your items clean and stored safely, we're going to look at some very simple organizational and decorating tips for your vanity table.

  • If you have a table that already comes with a mirror then you're in luck. If not, I recommend getting a cosmetic mirror (do it even if you already have a big mirror). These can be found in any beauty store. I recently saw some at Mega Mart for around $100 - $200. Keep your mirrors clean by rubbing a semi damp piece of news paper (crushed to your comfort) on the glass. 
  • If you have drawers in your table then neatly store your everyday makeup inside the top most component. If you don't have drawers then you can place them on the table top and store everything else in another location. Keep what you know you will absolutely use close by. If you want to create more vertical space to the table clear, purchase a compartmentalized plastic container that can hold all your supplies. Place it on or under your table.
  • Try to keep the centre most part of the table clear at all times. You will need a place to rest your hands or whatever product you're using at the time.
  • Vases and decorative items are nice and in many cases necessary to keep the place looking chic. However, placing them right in front of a big mirror is obviously a bad idea. You will have to keep moving decorative items around. Keep them to the sides.
  • Add a touch of "you" by painting a small card with your initials and punching a hole through it to put in a nice silky ribbon. Hang it anywhere you please :)
  • If you have make-up brushes you should already know that proper storage ensures longer lasting product. Keep your brushes dust free by placing them into their own container. You still have to wash them but while they're in use, keep them dust free by covering them.
  • Drape a cover over your table if you're not one for clean up and furniture care. When you do decide to cover your vanity make sure that you get creative and choose material that will express your personality.
  • Lastly, you may need a lamp. We won't always be able to apply make-up in the middle of the day. Natural light is great but invest in lamp and a bulb that has the proper wattage to give off similar light to good old sunshine. Just ask anybody at True Valu.

P.S. If you're into sewing and embroidery just make a nice cushion and fling it on your chair. It will look good, trust me ;)

Peace, Love & Blaze,