Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Time

It's summer in less than a month. I'm absolutely excited because I know summers are all about fun! If you're a beach fanatic; or a club kid; or you just enjoy relaxing at home on the veranda these are things you are definitely going to be interested in this summer. Make an investment and consider buying yourself a few of these items:

Nail Polish - Go Pastel. Try out pastel hues of your favourite colours. 

Shoes - Rubber slippers, sandals, wedges. Keep the colours reminiscent of summer time.

Swimsuits! - Just go for whatever style fits you. You may be spending a whole lot of time at the beach.

Dresses - Summer dresses are always big this time of year because they are light and flowing which really accommodates the heat and keeps you looking so cool and relaxed :)

Shorts - If you're not the dress type, get yourself some shorts and let those legs breathe.

Sunglasses - Protect those beautiful eyes with sunglasses that fit your face. You may be wearing these more often than swimsuits. My personal favourites are Wayfarers. 

Hats - Broad-brimmed hats help protect your hair and skin from being burned. Pair it with sunglasses and sunscreen.

Accessories - Summer is the season for beautiful turquoise jewelery. They look good with any colour outfit. Throw in a big bag with the look just to accommodate all the things you carry around during the summer time.

Peace, Love & Blaze,