Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Feature Of The Day (FOTD) #3

Today I'm featuring CYRENdipity, my friend Cyrena's hand made creations. She describes her work as "custom pieces that are a perfect marriage of industrial and organic. From jewelery to accessories to household kniknaks- a combination of natural elements and sturdy man-made materials to create something beautiful and unexpected." I just want everyone to take a look at her stuff. Creativity is among us even if we don't think we're doing much. I'm encouraging everyone to get your ideas out of your heads and into reality. Talents aren't meant to be wasted.

Embellished Lamp Stand

Polished Shell Pendant with Suede Necklace 

Beaded Ring

Feathered Headband

Feather Earrings

Make sure to check out her page in the link posted up top :)

Peace, Love & Blaze,