Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Winged Eyeliner

There is something about the simple winged eye liner look that appears flattering on everyone. The extra flick of liner has been done by women since the '50s and to this day, it still adds that extra dose of glamour to any look. It's surprisingly a very easy look to do yourself with any eye liner. Liquid, gel and cream eyeliners gives a precise line and pencil and eyeshadow gives a soft line. Beauty guru and makeup artist Jasmine—also known as Jazziebabycakes—demonstrates how to create a simple winged eye liner with a liquid pen!

How To Do The Winged Eyeliner

For easy application, hold or set a mirror at chin level and look downwards. If you have unsteady hands, rest your elbows on a table. Gently drag the pen along the lashline and past the top outer corner of your eye. Follow the upward curve of your eye with the eye liner. For a dramatic winged look, draw farther out and angle the liner more. 

Now to create the winged effect at the outer corners! Start at the outer corner of the line you just drew and work back toward your eye, using a light sketching technique with the pen in short strokes. 

As you get closer to the inner lash line, draw a thinner line. You want the effect of the liner to be thin to thick from the inner corner of the eye to the outer.

Follow the natural shape of your eye and connect the liner to the inner corner of your eye. Fill in any missing spaces along the lash line. Repeat on your other eye and viola, you've completed your winged eye liner! 

Peace, Love & Blaze,


*source beautylish.com