Monday, October 31, 2011

Lightening Your Underarms

Let's tackle the subject of bleaching. Michael Jackson, Lil Kim, Vybz Kartel....need I say more? Bleaching the skin is not a practice that is unique to Jamaica neither is it always used to dramatically lighten the skin. Sometimes there are skin products that are used to "tone" the skin so to speak; or ointments that help scars to fade away. In these products are skin lightening agents that vary in strength. Today, Andrea (YouTube beauty guru) shows us at least 5 ways to lighten the skin under your arms. Arm pits are a touchy subject for many of us. Naturally, your arm pits become dark when you start to grow hair in that area; also, the deodorants used, the clothes you wear, and even dull razors can contribute to it's darkness. Take a look at some home remedies that will show you how to lighten the skin under your arms. Have fun!

Peace, Love & Blaze,