Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Get Rid of Under Eye Darkness Naturally

Have you ever looked at pictures of celebrities with make-up then compared them to the pictures of the same people without make-up on? One thing that becomes quickly noticeable are under eye dark areas. When the under eye area is dark it makes one look stressed and a lot like they're lacking sleep. There are many reasons we have noticeable under eye darkness. For one, the skin is thin and the capilaries are close to the skin's surface. Over exposure to the sun darkens the skin therefore under the eyes get even darker. Lack of sleep lightens the skin and in turn enhances dark circles. Age is one unavoidable cause of dark under eye areas; and, for some persons it is hereditary. Don't even start worrying! There are ways to lighten the dark areas under your eyes naturally.

1. Get sufficient sleeping hours
The lack of sleeping hours may not be the exact reason that causes the dark circles, but it is good to give yourself 8 hours of sleep to avoid looking pale and in turn enhance on the dark circles under your eye.

2. Prepare homemade eye mask
Prepare cucumber, lanolin cream and lemon for this eye mask. First, grate the cucumber, then squeeze the lemons to get the lemon juices from it. Next, mix the cucumber juice, lanolin cream and lemon juice together and apply it below your eye for 15 minutes.

3. Apply almond oil
Almond oil can help to remove dark eye circles. Hence it is good to keep up a routine to apply almond oil below your eye before you sleep. The condition may improve if you could keep up with this routine.

4. Consume vitamin A
Vitamin A can help to reduce dark eye circles. However, avoid consuming too much of vitamin A as it produces excessive vascularisation that may potentially affect your health.

5. Drink more water
Remember to drink at least 10 glasses of water per day to lighten the dark eye ring condition.

See? All is not lost. Make sure to rest your body and relax. Treating yourself well will reflect in your skin and you will look healthy and beautiful.

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