Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Basics of Shoe Shopping

I've been taking detailed notes from Lauren Conrad's book, Style, for the last few months and it's been of a great help. Today I'm going to show you what she has outlined as the basics for your shoe closet. I will substitute things where necessary for compatibility with Jamaica's climate. Lauren recommends that shoe shopping should be done at the end of the day when your feet are slightly swollen and tired. This is so that you'll get a more realistic idea of a size that fits comfortably. And if you're buying leather or suede shoes, having swollen feet gives you a projection of what the shoe is going to be able to accommodate when it starts being broken into and stretched. P.S. Still ensure that the shoe fits length wise. Leather and suede stretches in width not in length.

Now, just like with closet basics there are unspoken rules about shoe basics. Why is this? Because you want to ensure that you have shoes that have multiple functions or are neutral enough to take you through any situation that may arise. Lauren Conrad calls it "a classic shoe wardrobe". The categories are as such: flat, pump, peep-toe, embellished, gladiator, boots. I don't quite agree that the gladiator styled heels or sandals should even be a part of the classic shoe wardrobe but you can make amendments where necessary. I'm going to substitute gladiator heels with sandals (any style of your choice). And of course, the functionality of boots in Jamaica are dependent upon a lot of factors. Just ensure that what you get is comfortable, (preferably) ankle boots to ensure that the legs breathe. DO NOT get anything that is lined with fur or feels like a furnace inside (unless you want to) because it is not practical in hot weather. I will, however, add Wellingtons to the category of boots to be used for rainy weather. They've become quite stylish in the last few years. So let me break it down.

1. Flat: A plain pair will go with just about anything and take you comfortably throughout the day. A colourful or embellished style can dress up a very casual outfit.

2. Pump: You should have at least one pair of black pumps because it goes with just about anything. To spice up your shoe closet a bit, stray away from the classic back and get a pair of pumps in a fun colour.

3. Peep-Toe: When you wanna show a little skin opt for the open-toe heels. They're a very feminine cut so you'll look sexy.

4. Embellished: If you have a simple outfit, like a plain black dress, you can spruce it up or counter the simplicity with a little sparkle in your step. Consider fun colours with jewels or sequins.

5. Sandals: Whether the style is gladiator or plain old flip flops, you need a comfortable pair of sandals for a regular day at the beach or a dressy occasion.

6. Boots: These can be flat or heeled. Just ensure that the style is fitting to the climate you're in and they're comfortable.  

Keep these things in mind for whenever you're ready to build your closet.

Peace, Love & Blaze,