Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm back!

I have been gone for some time. I was busy in the real world and now I'm back on Beauty Jamaica to give an update on what's to come. I finally acquired my first camera - a Nikon Coolpix p7000. 

Now that I have this camera I hope to capture cool street fashion among other awesome things for you guys to see. Also, I still love getting suggestions from my readers. To do so, leave a comment on any blog post you like or join the Beauty Jamaica Facebook group and leave your comments there. I'll be sure to check. I intend on posting twice a week, covering topics under lifestyle, health, DIY/make-up tutorials and fashion. Let's not forget our features! There is a lot of local talent out there and I plan to give you guys the heads up on who's doing what.

Once more, I'd like to thank you guys for all your support over the past year. Thank you for propelling this blog to where it is today. I plan to work very hard to keep you interested and informed. See you in a few days!

Peace, Love & Blaze,