Wednesday, March 7, 2012


If you've never waxed before I'm sure when you think about it pain comes to mind. You'd be right. However, the pain of waxing will diminish overtime as you get used to the procedure. And, when you look at all the benefits of waxing, you will sooner do it than avoid it. Here are some advantages of waxing:

  • Long lasting smooth skin - the result of waxing can last up to three weeks!
  • No skin damage - no cuts like with razor use and no lingering bad smell like with hair removal creams. 
  • New hair grows back finer and softer
  • Skin is exfoliated - the top layer of dead cells is removed along with the hair.
  • Diminishes hair growth over time
  • Cost efficient - the money you spend to do one wax job can save you from multiple shaving sessions.

Now that I've listed all the pros, I also have to list the cons:

  • Time consuming - especially when done on your own, waxing can take a lot of time and requires patience and persistence.
  • It is painful :(
  • Skin inflammation - even though it causes no long term skin damage it does make the skin very tender initially.
  • Incompatible with acne medicine - persons who are on acne medication generally have more sensitive skin so waxing is not recommended for them.

If you prefer to get a perfect wax job then seek out a professional to get it done for you. I'm planning to get  some waxing done myself. Before you take the step to do this think about it properly and if you try it once and don't like it, nothing is wrong with using other methods of hair removal. Good luck!

Peace, Love & Blaze,