Saturday, April 7, 2012

Tackling Body Odor Part 1

More often than not, people have challenges with body odor. Today I'm going to briefly talk about one type of odor - bad breath. What causes bad breath? The causes can vary from what you ate for lunch to having gum disease to sinus problems. Yes, bad breath is not only caused by what's going on in the mouth but also what's going on in the lungs. Anyway, how many people can say that they've never suffered from bad breath? No one. Even if you brush, floss, go to the dentist or never get the common cold, you must have woken up with the infamous "morning breath" at some point in your life. And, something as simple as that is enough to want to keep your breath in check. Going to the dentist for professional help is always the best way to ensure your entire mouth is well taken care of, however, we can't always make it to the doc. So, here are a few remedies you can do on your own that can help you to keep your breath fresh most of the time.
  1. Brush with baking soda. This will reduce the acidity in the mouth and make it difficult for bacteria to grow. Check out my other blog post about how baking soda helps to make your teeth white :)
  2. Brush your teeth daily especially before bed.
  3. Rinse using hydrogen peroxide when you have upper respiratory infections (if you're up to it) but DO NOT swallow.
  4. Avoid refined carbohydrates if you can. These include cookies, sweets, cakes, soft drinks, syrups etc.
  5. Gargle salt water to reduce bacteria in the mouth.
  6. Drink WATER daily (the same 6-8 glasses is me, this helps).
  7. This one is very interesting: eat avocado to remove intestinal decomposition that leads to bad breath.
  8. Try to avoid drying agents like alcohol such as hard liquor, beer, wine etc. (even though alcohol is found in mouthwash as well).
  9. Avoid dense protein foods like dairy or fish
  10. Avoid acidic foods/beverages such as coffee or citrus fruits.
Now, CLEARLY, where the food is concerned, that's a matter of personal choice. You can avoid certain foods but if you enjoy them then just make sure you try the other methods to prevent bad breath. Highly sulfuric foods such as onions are obviously things you will want to avoid too even though I haven't mentioned it in the list. Those are just a few remedies that you can do on your own to keep a fresh mouth. I hope they were helpful!

Peace, Love & Blaze,