Monday, June 25, 2012

Do It Yourself - Paper Clip Earrings

Hello everyone! I came across a lovely website that had crafty things made from every day objects. Take a look at this earring tutorial that's not only affordable but fun!

"You are basically unbending the clip at all three of the curves. Does that make sense? Once you’ve got the triangular shape, you need to glue the ends together. Use a fast drying epoxy or hot glue. Next you can start winding your cotton thread around the wire. I started out using hot glue, then I tried Liquid Stitch and liked it way more. It’s a permanent, clear drying adhesive that didn't cause any bumps of dried hot glue along the way."
"Once you've wound all the way round and secured with glue, you can then take another length of string and wind around the width of the “earring” creating horizontal stripes or you can create a more messy look by creating a “net” design (see below)."

Hope you've enjoyed this quick tutorial! 
Peace, Love & Blaze, 
*tutorial courtesy of

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