Friday, June 22, 2012

Tackling Body Odor Part 2

It's natural to perspire, which means that body odor is inevitable, but you can keep the odor under control. Let's face it, not many people will be willing to spend time around you if you have high body odor. Let's go through the ways in which you can prevent embarrassment and stay fresh.

  • Take regular showers - Wash everything! Your feet, your genitals, your armpits, behind your ears etc.
  • Wash your hair - The frequency depends on your hair type and if you keep your natural texture or apply chemicals. The point, really, is to ensure that you wash your hair before it starts reeking of sweat, product build up and dirt. 
  • Become friends with deodorants - Use perfume if your skin agrees with it and buy the strength of deodorant that applies to you. However, you can never go wrong with deodorant containing baking soda. "Baking soda is an alkaline and your body's sweat is an acid. When the two mix, they create gas and the sweat is instantly evaporated. So it conditions your sweat to just dry up super fast." Here is another use for baking soda.
  • Make use of home remedies - You can try baking soda on it's own; or cut a lime in half and apply to armpits before showering. Both of those remedies have a bleaching effects as well. 4/5 drops of tea tree oil can also be applied after showering. These are only a few of the remedies that can be applied.
  • Ensure that every crevice is dry - After a shower it's good to dry in between toes among other places to keep the area dry and odor free.
  • Wear clean clothes
  • Soak your feet in a salt bath - Foot bacteria may come about from keeping your feet locked up in socks and shoes all day long. Use a cup of salt for every quart of water to soak your feet in. Let it air dry.
There are many other ways to shut high body odor out. Start here and see how it helps!

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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