Monday, June 18, 2012


Hello everyone! This weekend I took a poll on my facebook group to determine the direction in which my blog should begin to go. The most requested topic so far is 'Street Style'. This is going to require a lot of going out but I promise that I will do what I can to showcase fashion in Jamaica. Other topics voted on (in order of highest to lowest votes) were product reviews; local event coverage; do-it-yourself tutorials; makeup & nail care tips; hair & skin care tips; and, lastly, profiles and interviews. Head over to the group page and cast your vote too!

Recently, I have been working to promote the blog along with my youtube channeltwitter accountgoogle + page and my facebook fan page. I've finalized a schedule to work around that will involve the updating of all my social media links as often as possible. I have taken requests and discussions into consideration and due to the feedback I am going to attempt to blog, at most, three times a week. All other social media will be updated accordingly so follow me where you can! I recently posted my first ever youtube video as an introduction of myself to the community and since then I've thought about continuing. So I hope to post a new video every two weeks if possible. I'm looking forward to increasing my online presence and making changes where necessary. Hopefully you tag along for the ride. See you Wednesday! 

Peace, Love & Blaze,