Monday, August 27, 2012

Gold Sunglasses DIY

Hello again, everyone! I recently completed a DIY that was inspired by metallic trend for the fall fashion season. Take a look at my recent fall inspiration board. Metallic accessories and clothing will be all the rage and I decided to update an old pair of sunglasses to be in-keeping with the season. Down below is an example of what I was going for - a pair of classic Wayfarers in Gold. 
Let's break it down step by step. 1. Gather your supplies: gold spray paint, tape, scissors and, most importantly, the sunglasses. Don't forget to cover your work space with news paper so that the clean-up is easier when you've completed the project.

2. Use tape to cover the outer AND inner parts of the lenses.

3. Spray your sunglasses and let it dry for a few hours.

4. Remove the tape when the glasses are dried and you should be good to go! I did, however, make additions to the process. When it dried it looked great but I found that the gold spray paint that I used looked very stark against my skin tone so I toned it down with a gold nail polish. The gold was a deeper tone. I applied the polish to the outer side of the frame and let it dry and it looks great!

I hope you enjoyed these quick and easy steps to updating old sunglasses for the upcoming fall/winter season. And, don't worry! It looks great all year round so rock it to the beach if you still have the time this summer! See you soon.

Peace, love & Blaze,

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