Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Product Review: Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat

Product Description:

Keeps manicures beautiful up to 10 days. Exclusive acrylic polymer complex helps get you out of the door in a flash. Just 30 seconds to set. High gloss superior shine. Double UV filters shield manicure from fading and discoloring. Helps resist chipping. Salon Tested. Dermatologist Tested.


After applying your favorite Sally Hansen Nail Color, wait two minutes, then apply one coat of Insta-Dri Anti-Chip Top Coat. Manicure will be dry to the touch in 30 seconds.


This product is 3/5 in my opinion. It costs $800 JM plus tax which is on the expensive side as far as top coats go. However, it does dry quickly but not as quickly as advertised. It completely dries within a minute which is wonderful because you can touch it without problem but you cannot apply pressure. It gives a nice shine but I did notice one strange thing about the product. Sometimes the nails would dry glossy but one part of the nail looks matte. If you wait a bit and wipe the area that looks matte it will eventually begin to look glossy. 

I do find the application to be easy but the product has become thicker after a few weeks. It is less likely that your manicure will chip if you keep away from washing dishes among other things. I've noticed that by the time a week is over, the manicure would have begun to chip at the tips of the nails. Over all, the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Anti-Chip Top Coat is recommended for a speedy manicure but otherwise there are other brands out there that can do a good job despite the length of time it would take to dry.

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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