Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Blogmas 2012: Decorating a Small Space for Christmas

It's Christmas time and a lot of public places have decorations displayed in keeping with the season. But what if you don't have a whole house to decorate or even the resources? You can still make a small place really special with a few creative ideas. Maybe you'd like to decorate your bedroom or a nook in your house or even your office desk/cubicle. It's not so difficult when it comes to scaling things down while still making a big impact.
  • First off! If you can't afford a big Christmas tree or don't have the space for it get a miniature one. It can fit in corners or on a desk. It can also be cardboard or an alternative colour like white (if you have a specific colour scheme going). 
  • When you can't get a Christmas tree or if for some reason that's just not your thing, hang a wreath.
  • Run decorative ribbon along/around any plain flat surface you want to bring a pop of colour to! Tie some ornaments to the ribbon to create some texture.
  • Place a strip of fabric (a runner) about a foot wide and of whatever length you need to a flat surface like a desk or coffee table or as a rug to add colour or draw the attention to one area.
  • Change your pillow/cushion cases to festive colours and it will instantly make everything feel a lot more Christmasy.
  • If you're decorating a room with curtains then the same pretty much applies here. Switch out your regular curtains for something more neutral that bright colours can show up against or make the curtains the statement piece by making them bright.
  • Place small figurines around that are in keeping with the theme of the season.
  • Tie bows around anything you want like cushions or around a vase with flowers. It will mimic gifts.
  • Get sticky! Paste Christmas themed stickers on your walls. Just make sure they can come off later.
  • Get a glass bowl/jar and fill it with candy canes and all sorts of wonderful sweets. Even if that's all you have the colours of the sweets will be noticeable and you will make everyone who comes into your space happy :)

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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