Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dirty Crayons x Vain Glory

Last weekend the art show, Dirty Crayons, was held at Cafe What's On in Barbican, St. Andrew. It featured the artists Taj Francis, Leasho Johnson (from the 2012 Super Plus Under 40 Artist of the Year Competition), Keegan Simon, Jehan Jackson and Kemar Swaby. I was not able to attend the event but I'm able to share a few images with you courtesy of JAE Magazine. The art work was nothing short of amazing - very modern and fun; but, Jehan Jackson's "Vain Glory" caught my eye. Her work was essentially couture on display and seeing as I'm interested in fashion I thought I'd share her pieces with you here. Take a look for yourselves.

The artist, Jehan Jackson, standing next to her models in a printed peplum dress.

To see the rest of the artists' works please visit the JAE Facebook album here!
Read Jehan's JAE Magazine interview here!

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