Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I've Been Nominated!!!!

Just recently I said I'd love to win a Jamaica Blog Award for 2012 and yesterday they released all the finalists and I have been nominated in *drumroll please*... 8 Categories!!!!! Beauty Jamaica is nominated for: Best Beauty & Fashion Blog; Best Personal Blog, Best Lifestyle Blog; & Top Blog Post in 2012; My tumblr blog, Something in the Bathroom is nominated for: Best New Blog; Best Photography/Art Blog; & Best Jamaican Tumblr Blog; and my YouTube channel is nominated for Best Jamaican Video Blog. Voting should open today so I really hope that I can get your support. 

Here are the links to vote for me in the various categories! I'd love your support so vote every day up until January 14, 2013. 

1. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/beauty-jamaica-fashion-category/
2. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/afaya-prendergast/
3. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/something-in-the-bathroom-tumblr-category/
4. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/something-in-the-bathroom-2/
5. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/beauty-jamaica-lifestyle-category/
6. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/something-in-the-bathroom/
7. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/beauty-jamaica/
8. http://jamaicablogawards.org/jm/well-dressed-men-beauty-jamaica/

I'm also very proud of my friends and fellow bloggers who got nominated as well. Check them out!

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Den of Lies
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Peace, Love & Blaze,

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