Thursday, February 14, 2013

50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs

It's Valentine's Day so I'm showing some love with two posts! This is the second of the two. Don't forget to go and check out my video of my Valentine's Day Look! And if you're not into dressing up and enjoying the day of love then you can always stay in bed and read this WONDERFUL book! I'm proud to introduce you to 50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs - Lessons From A Dating Repository. It will be launched on Amazon TODAY so you can purchase it HERE!

Take the time out to learn about the author, Chénelle Taylor.

Beauty Jamaica (BJ): Who are you? 

Chenelle Taylor (CT): My name is Chénelle Taylor and I have recently become the author of a book on dating- 50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs: Lessons From A Dating Repository. My interests, some of which I have yet to explore, include travelling, exploring different cultures and foods, and all around experiencing new, fun things.

BJ: Why did you decide to write? 

CT: I decided to write early last year, after my friend suggested that we write a book together about our dating experiences. She was unable to continue writing so I went ahead on my own because sharing my feelings was important to me.

BJ: What was the inspiration behind this book? 

CT: Story #1 triggered the inspiration for the book, but my general dissatisfaction, to say the very least, with my dating experiences became the overarching motivation for writing.

BJ: Do you see yourself writing more books in the future?

I hope so. It's a beautiful process. I would love to write fiction. I have been advised to write a follow up book to this one, titled '50 nights with Mr. Right'. lol. We will see how that goes.

BJ: Describe your personal style. 

CT: I am no style guru and I simply wear what I like but if i was to put a label on it, I would say my style ranges from sophisticated/sexy to boho/chic to casual

BJ: Describe the man of your dreams.

CT: If I must... Tall, kind, humble, thoughtful, caring, assertive... and by the direction of my book, it would seem as if he isn't Jamaican, and uses a dating methodology that likens him to a "deity amongst mortals." You will have to read the book to know what that means.

BJ: Describe the style of the man of your dreams.

You did a post on well dressed men. ( You can find that post HERE) I pretty much second your opinions on that one (except Kanye. I cannot see myself walking beside a man in leather pants. Perhaps because I am not a Kardashian). The pics of the men you have in casual wear and suits would be the style of the man of my dreams. Keep it simple, and when wearing a suit, keep it fitted. I cannot stand bulky and dated suits. 

BJ: Any advice for your readers?

CT: Men and women can get all the advice I have for them from my book. 

Chénelle Taylor

50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs represents an anthology of factual experiences and lessons from the author— a single female graduate level professional, who has decided to be unwavering in her standards in the area of romance. The primary purpose of the book is catharsis, using poetic justice and humor with the awareness that my experiences are not isolated from other females. The common thread that stitched the fabric that would eventually become 50 Something Dates with 17 Mr. Wrongs was: “men just don’t get it and women need to be more assertive in matters of the heart.” 

The author does not present to be a dating expert nor is the book intended to be used as a Bible of sorts for dating, instead, it is an honest interpretation of dating mishaps, “raw and untainted by efforts to please everyone and offend no one.” Consequently, it is for: “The girls who have been burned, broken and rejected in the noble efforts of taking risks and being hopeless romantics and; the men who just didn't get it...”

Go get the book tonight! Enjoy :)

Peace, Love & Blaze,


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