Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jencare Day Spa Review

Hey everyone! 

I received a gift certificate from my parents for my birthday in November of last year to do a mani/pedi at Jencare Day Spa. I had the gift certificate for a little while before deciding to make use of it in January of this year. The Jamaica blog awards was on Saturday, January 19 and I wanted to relax and have someone else pamper me for a change so I headed to Jencare. It was my first time there (surprising, I know!) but it was a very lovely experience. 

Jencare Day Spa in St. Andrew, Jamaica

When I arrived and signed up for my mani/pedi I was ushered to the area where I'd get my treatment within 10 minutes of my arrival. I stayed in a room that housed three smaller sections that each had their own massage chair and equipment necessary for the mani/pedi. I got a back massage from the chair while two lovely ladies, Ava and Stacy worked on my manicure and pedicure, respectively. 

The pedicure was especially relaxing along with the back massage because my feet were being massaged as well. The ladies were very engaging and we spoke about really funny topics while listening to contemporary music on the intercom. I guess I really enjoyed my time because I was showered with compliments about how nice my nails were (lol). I really wanted to try a pink tone of nail polish but I honestly did not find anything in their selection that was eye catching. So I went with a deeper tone, Essie - Martini Cocoa.

Overall, I had a really relaxing time and enjoyable time and I will definitely go back.

My nails done with Essie - Martini Cocoa

You can check out Jencare's website here to find out about their locations (Miami, New York, Trinidad & Jamaica) and services.

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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