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Style Profile: Denton Barrett Jr.

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I first featured upcoming Men's Fashion Designer, Denton Barrett Jr. in my Jamaica Blog Awards Post (he's at the very beginning). I am beyond excited to finally share his profile with you. Take a look.

Denton Barrett Jr.

Beauty Jamaica (BJ): Who are you? 

Denton Barrett Jr. (DBj): I’m Denton Barrett Jr., you remember this name I intend to do great things. Currently I’m 25 and born in Kingston. I see myself as a Creator. I’m fond of creating and designing, it’s a fulfillment beyond any other. Create or be Created. In 2012 I started the graphic designing entity Vividly yours, [dsb]. It is my main source of income and funds my dream and passion; the development of menswear fashion house [dsbarrett:contrives].  

BJ: What do you do in your free time?

DBj: Like most contemporaries of this age, free time is web time. My web time comprises mostly of fashion research of the Avant-garde on Tumblr, Facebook, Lookbook.nu, NowFashion. I’m always in search for good music or movies, my favourites have themes of Escapism or/and Revolt.

BJ: Tell us about your designs.

DBj: [dsbarrett:contrives] will be a new development in menswear fashion to Jamaica. Its goal is to break down and move away from the limits and perceptions of what menswear ‘ought to be’. [dsbarrett:contrives] will present a freedom of expression, created in one way or another by the influence of forms, shapes, colours, patterns, climate awareness, history, Jamaica and its many entities.

Some of Denton's designs

BJ: When did you first start designing clothing?

DBj: At a younger age I found it difficult to find the clothes I wanted, so I altered ready-made clothing. This included removing and adding elements; paints, safety pins, buttons, scrap fabric and other found objects. It was tediously hand done but the end result was worth it. Christmas 2011 I asked for and received a sewing machine, the following January I attend Garmex Academy studying Garment Construction. I didn't do the fashion design course because I had been learning how to design all my life. I majored in Art and Technical drawing at high school, then Architecture at University of Technology. With this new knowledge and equipment I started creating entire pieces from scratch. The new found creative control is enjoyable; I’m prouder but never contented with each piece I make.

The Kimono Jacket

BJ: What do you think of Jamaican fashion?

DBj: I like Jamaican fashion, there’s a passion for colour and there is exploration in printed patterns. However, form or silhouette is continuously the same with the slightest of changes and it’s the same story for most menswear across the globe.

BJ: Who are your fashion/art/design icons and why?

DBj: Alexander McQueen – his exploration of fashion through: form, fabric, material, props, theatrics, visuals, satire and meaning was brilliant and should be highly regarded. He gave me a new experience of fashion and a desire to give the same. “Give me time and I’ll give you a Revolution.”

Lady Gaga – her exploration of music and fashion has greatly inspired me. She is free to create, to be, in the world she has created for herself and fans - a world where nothing is really wrong or right. It’s just pure meaningful expression. She gave me courage. “Honour your Vomit.”

Le Corbusier – an absolute genius architect and brilliant thinker. He sought innovation thru the guidance of meaning, practicality and research. He taught me no idea was too big to dream of or fight for. “Our epoch is determining, day by day, its own style. Our eyes, unhappily, are unable yet to discern it.”

BJ: Well said!

Blue Plaid Flannel Jacket with Flyaway Sleeves

BJ: Do you have any obsessions right now?

DBj: I frequently obsess with various things, when it happens it’s aggressive but short lived. Majority of the time its music or movie/TV-series related... Previously it was Don’t Dream It Be It – Rocky Picture Horror Show. And, presently I’m listening Bruno Mars’ Unorthodox Jukebox, it’s great but it may just be a place holder.

BJ: Where is your favourite Jamaican spot? 


BJ: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

DBj: In 5 years I’d like to be where my icons stood or are still standing; and inspiring a brighter generation with my works and ideology.

You can see more from Denton at the following links:

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Vividly your’s [dsb]Email, Facebook and Tumblr

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