Saturday, June 8, 2013

Date Night's the Best Night OOTN

For a special celebration this year my boyfriend and I went to our favourite Japanese restaurant, Majestic Sushi & Grill. I'll be giving you a review soon but I thought I'd share my outfit of the night when we went a few weeks ago. I didn't do any close ups of this but I wore a set of jewelry he gifted to me for my birthday last year - sapphire gem stone earrings and necklace. It brought off my outfit very well and set the trend for the rest of accessories, namely my cobalt blue heels and matching nail colour. Take a look at the details of my outfit below. 

Forever 21 peach peplum blouse; Levis jeans pants; Brash cobalt blue suede pumps

Thanks for reading. See you soon.

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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