Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Very Special Occasion OOTN

Most recently I had the great pleasure of celebrating 2 important events in my family. We decided to have dinner at Caffe  Da Vinci in Market Place with very close family friends. It was a wonderful and heart-warming celebration. I went with a monochromatic outfit. For some reason I've been really feeling blacks, whites and greys recently. Though we were celebrating, I really wanted to wear a full black get-up. I think it was a really classy move. Here's my outfit-
Black peplum dress with lace detail (Forever 21) and black suede heels (Brash). My favourite part was the chunky bedazzled necklace which I believe is from H&M. I really loved my up do as well. I did it myself (I'm quite proud lol). Hope you like it!