Friday, November 15, 2013

3 Ways to Incorporate Colour Into Your Work Wardrobe - OOTD Post #2

Previously I did an OOTD post featuring pieces from my work wardrobe. It was a very spring time piece that incorporated pastel and white. This time around I have 3 examples of how to incorporate some colour into a typically corporate environment which may be a stricter on dress code. 

The first outfit consists of a basic black jacket and black skirt which is typical of corporate wear. I decided to wear a printed blouse on the inside of the jacket and tucked into the skirt with a piece of jewelry of a contrasting colour. I've kept my shoes black to ensure that the colour is concentrated on top. This outfit is essentially a very simple outfit that could easily become monochromatic or plain had I decided to wear a white blouse.

Outfit #2 is a bit more casual but can easily be made more corporate by adding a black jacket. Here I've used this black & grey animal printed top as my neutral colour. On the bottom I'm wearing a burgundy pencil skirt that has a black band. For shoes, I'm wearing a pair of black flats. It isn't shown here but on the back of this skirt is an exposed gold zipper detail that I've used as the reference point for my gold accessories. 

This final outfit is very bold but if your office is not against bold pieces then you can attempt something like this. Here I decided to make my blue tailored pants the centre of my outfit. It has faux-leather details on the pockets and on the band of the pants. This detail is what I've picked up in wearing the black blouse and black shoes. Then for jewelry, I didn't go too matchy and decided to wear faux black and white pears.

All outfits consist of Forever 21 items except shoes and jewelry.

I really hope that you got some good ideas about how to incorporate bold colours into your work wardrobe while still looking professional. Please let me know your opinions and ideas as well.

Peace, Love & Blaze,

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