Monday, March 3, 2014

Style Profile: Natasha Lee

Hey everyone! I'm so excited to feature Natasha Lee. I found her via Instagram and she is one of the most fashionable young people from Jamaica represented on the internet right now. But you be the judge of that. Here's my interview of the budding fashion icon below. 

Beauty Jamaica (BJ): Who are you? 

Natasha Lee (NL): My name is Natasha Lee, from the beautiful island of Jamaica. More recently known as the stylish Mobay Gal with the Big Curly Fro. 

BJ: What do you do in your free time? 

NL: Apart from styling, makeup and photography which I am mostly known for, I am a lover of the earth, so my free time is spent by the Beach, with a few friends, few drinks and a good book. (currently reading Kaleidoscope by Danielle Steel)

BJ: Describe your style. 

NL: I don’t have a defined sense of style and I actually find my style to be rather eclectic and very dependent on my moodfrom girly to tomboy or glam and chic to edgy and cool. I’ll pick and choose from various pieces from thrift, designer, or everyone’s go to store ‘forever 21,’ while interpreting them into my own personal way. 

I do believe however in starting any wardrobe out with classic, basic and versatile pieces, because these essentials will lay a foundation for putting together every single outfit.  By essentials I mean- thin slouchy cotton tees, chambray or plaid blouse for layeringand classic blue denim pants. Once you have basic pieces it will be much easier for the not too fashion savvy gals to put together a fierce yet effortless outfit. So I for one like taking one bold piece (whether it be a neon yellow handbag, studded denim high waist shorts, or an embellished blouse) and pair it with basic pieces that are so versatile, it can be easily dressed up or dressed down (a white or black teeclassic denim pants).  

am also an advocate for recycling items in my closet. Like using the same oversized T-shirt I wore to class because of its simplicity and comfort, and turning it into something chic and girly for a night out on the town. Oh and I should mention my obsession with neutrals, black & white and wearing an entire outfit from the same color palette from head to toe, Yes! I too am a monochromatic lover. 

BJ: When did you first show interest in fashion? 

NL: Ive always had this innate sense of fashion, so the interest has always been there. 

BJ: Do you have any style icons? If so, who are they and why? 

NL: YES YES YES and YES! her name is....SOLANGE KNOWLES. Everyone is all over her sis Queen Bey, but not me... I'm a little obsessed with her lil sis Soli. I love how she isn't afraid to take risks, and her love for mixing prints, patterns, fabrics, colors and just about everything in between. Her style pushes me to challenge myself to always come up with something new and invigorating. 

BJ: Do you have any obsessions right now? 

NL: My hologram heels from ZARA and every pair of sunglasses I own (24 and counting...)

BJ: Where are your favourite Jamaican spots? 

NL: Doctors Cave Beach, Pier One in Montego Bay. Jacks Sprat in St. Elizabeth. Frenchmans Cove in Port Antonio & just about every single river/falls in Jamaica (I love the water).

Natasha is currently working on a blog but in the meantime you're able to find all her fashion updates on Instagram HERE!

Thanks for reading!
Peace, Love & Blaze,

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