Monday, May 19, 2014

Goodbye, Beauty Jamaica... Hello, Orange Street!

I'm back!...but not really.

The last time I blogged I said I was going on a hiatus and doing a transformation of myself. It's been some time now and I have been doing my self transformation but it's been slow. I have been learning to manage all my life ventures such as my service club, my job, my home life, JA Cosplayaz and most recently, I've been managing a band. I really have a lot on my plate so my progress is slow since I have to divert my time across so many different activities. None the less, slow progress is better than no progress at all and I'd rather be doing things at the right pace than be going nowhere fast. 

Remember this circa 2012?

Beauty Jamaica started out as a hobby to keep me occupied after I graduated from university. I didn't have a job and I was bored. I never realized that starting a blog would have changed my life in the best ways possible. I have gained so much confidence from writing and making videos (and trust me, I still have a long way to go) and I have met so many awesome people. This is the 4th year since I started blogging and I feel like I've made such an impact on the young women (and some young men) who have read my blog. I'm extremely proud of that but I have also matured beyond this venture and because of that, I have decided that this will be my last post on Beauty Jamaica.

This blog still means the world to me. Even if I won't be producing content here anymore, I am still proud of what I have shared. I'll always revisit my archives and laugh at my inside jokes and reminisce about the places I've been. And, my Beauty Jamaica community will remain on facebook for as long as possible to accommodate the small community I've formed. Mentally, I'm prepared to take the next big step but I'm completely ready emotionally because I have such an attachment to this blog. But the way I look at it is that I will be doing bigger and better things soon and gaining tons more wonderful experiences; and Beauty Jamaica was that stepping stone towards the future.

Looking back this one last time before I move forward.

But fret not! I'm not disappearing at all. As I close one chapter, I'll start another. Monique Kennedy - my fellow blogger, friend, inspiration, partner in crime (I could go on and on) has partnered with me to start a brand new blog that will encompass both our outlooks and personalities. Our new blog is called Orange Street and we launch on May 22, 2014. Click the link to subscribe by email so you can be the first to know what we're all about! We're on every platform so search "On Orange Street/@onorangestreet" on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey. I look forward to seeing you on Orange Street

And remember.... Peace, Love & Blaze,